1Which cities is point of arrival / departure for Tiger Village Resort Tadoba?
Guests planning a trip to TVR need to arrive into the city of Nagpur in the state Maharashtra, Central India. Nagpur is the third largest city in Maharashtra and hence, has great air as well as rail connectivity from all the major cities of India. How to reach moharli from Nagpur? Nagpur to moharli zone distance is 144 kilometers, You can book your personal cab or contact us (http://tigervillageresort.com ). We pick up from Nagpur and drop you on your Moharli gate. Bus are also available from Nagpur to Mohrali Village. Chandrapur rail station at a distance of 45km from Tadoba National Park on Delhi – Chennai main line is the nearest railway station and regular trains are available. Rameswaram – Varanasi Weekly Express, Gorakhpur Yesvantpur Express and a few other express trains halt at Chandrapur. How to reach moharli from chandrapur ? You can book your personal cab or contact us (http://tigervillageresort.com ). We pick up from chandrapur and drop you on your booking destination. By Road-Nearest bus stop is Chandrapur and Chimur (31 km), Bus are also available from Chandrapur to Mohrali Village.
2Which Entry gate of Tadoba Tiger Reserve is Closest to Nagpur & Chandrapur ?
The Moharli Gate is the closest gate from Nagpur at a distance of 144 kms; driving time is about three hours. Tiger Village Resort is conveniently located right next to the Moharli Gate (about 800m). From Chandrapur Moharli Gate is closest gate at a distance of 31 kms; driving time is about one hours. Tiger Village Resort is conveniently located right next to the Moharli Gate (about 800m).
3What is distance of TVR from all the entry gates of Tadoba?
Mohurli – 800 m – 5 mins Khutvanda – 18 kms – 30 mins Navegaon – 45 kms – 50 mins Zhari – 70 kms – 1 hr 20 mins Pangdi – 90 kms – 1 hr 40 mins Kolara – 100 kms – 1 hr 40 mins Junona Buffer Zone – 1 kms – 10 mins Devada Buffer Zone – 6 kms – 15 mins Agarzari Buffer Zone – 6 kms – 15 mins
4What is distance between Pench to Tadoba National Park?
190 kms and the driving time is 4 hours.
5What is distance between Kanha to Tadoba National Park?
340 kms, and the driving time is 7 hours 50 mins.
6What is distance between Bandhavgarh to Tadoba National Park?
570 kms, and the driving time is 11 hours 50 mins.
7Do we need to carry photo-identity cards?
Photo Identity cards are required at the time of check-in and for all the safaris. Do ensure you carry the same photo ID you shared with us at the time of booking.
8What is check-in and check-out time in Tiger Village Resort?
Check-in time - 13:30 hrs Check-out time - 12:00 Noon
9Climate and Weather of Tadoba National Park
October to March offers the best weather with sunny days and pleasant evenings. April to June is very hot but it is an excellent time for tiger sightings & Wildlife safaris. July to September are Monsoon months and good for activities at the resort such as nature walks, birding, cultural day tours, lakeside picnics, village tours etc. Permission for jungle safaris during these months is subject to forest department decisions, which is typically announced in June.
10What should we pack for the trip?
Tadoba is located in central India and mostly remains very warm during the days. Evenings are pleasant and in winters, morning and late evenings can be quite cold (please see above question on weather to see monthly data of expected temperatures). The wind factor in open jeeps in the morning and evening also affect the chill factor. Below are some of our packing suggestions keeping in mind the weather and safari particularities: Sun Screen Sunglasses Insect Repellant Neutral colored clothing and preferably light cottons Safari hat or cap for summer Stole or scarf for protection from heat and dust Boots or closed shoes For winter: windbreaker, warm jacket, sweater, fleece, gloves, warm cap Camera or Binoculars Please also keep in mind as we are a jungle resort, for outdoors, we recommend our guests to wear closed shoes, ideally boots and full length shirts & pants.
11Which mobile network work here?
Idea and Jio work best. Guests are recommended not to carry handsets inside the reserve, and if they do to keep them always in silent mode.
12Is there an internet connection available for the guests?
Enjoy free Wi-Fi throughout your stay at public areas
13Does TVR offer end-to-end packages?
Yes, we believe in the convenience of end-to-end packages, and most of our guests opt for packages that include airport pick-up & drop-off, accommodation, all meals and jungle safaris.
14Which months of the year is the Tadoba Reserve open?
Tadoba is open throughout the year. However, in the monsoon months July 1st to October 15th, the reserve has fewer forest permits than the other months. Some routes may also close during this period in the case of heavy rains.
15Which gate in Tadoba has a high chance of tiger sightings?
Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve history says Moharli gate in Tadoba has a high chances of tiger sightings. Tadoba is famous for its tiger sighting. It is home for more than 88 Tigers & 44 cubs. Tadoba has the highest TSI. Tadoba is an approximate three-hour drive from Nagpur airport. All the hotels / resorts are nestled in and around the national park itself. Out of all the entry gates to the park, Moharli is the most popular one. Moharli Gate is the oldest entrance to the park, which is located approximately 180 kilometers away from Nagpur. There is entry of nine vehicles each morning and evening for tiger safari from this gate. In the morning, entry is allowed between 06:00 am and 09:30 am and the exit time is 11:00 am. During the evenings, entry is allowed between 03:00 pm and 05:30 pm and the exit time is 07:00 pm. The Park remains closed on Tuesdays. Tadoba Resorts, Hotels and Jungle Safari Booking in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve Tiger village resort, Moharli situated at the fringe of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Chandrapur in Central India. Tiger Village Resort offers you a peaceful, comfortable stay at the heart of Indian wilderness. It is the ideal place to soak in nature at its wildest best, and set base for your adventures into tiger land. Tiger Village Resort is the best place to view tigers in the wild. But apart from that, here you could also bump into a host of other animals such as deer, bear, crocodile & many more. Tiger village resort in Tadoba National Park - Come and visit wildlife adventure camp in Tadoba. Best resorts in Tadoba, hotels in tadoba, jungle safari in tadoba, tadoba resorts.